Friday, May 11, 2018

7 - Ohio Supreme Court cases, Affidavits of Disqualifications and Grievances

Attempts made to the District Appeals and Ohio Supreme Court to prevent Elder Abuse, death by Chemical Restraint, Exploitation on Clair Miller and get justice for Ann Miller’s murder all to no avail. This is the criminal acts of what the Supreme Court approves.
1. Writ of Mandamus filed against judge Michael Brady granted to release Public Records proves judges refuse to comply with the laws and are bias, prejudice and collude with one another.

2. Writ of Procedendo filed against judge Michael Brady for refusing to make a decision in Clair Miller’s guardianship and Ann Miller’s estate that condoned elder abuse and exploitation.

3. Refused to correct judge Michael Brady’s decision on Clair Miller’s guardianship that approved disabled mentally impaired Clair to live in filth, hording, cat shit and exploited of ¾ million dollars.

5. Applauded James Miller for elder abuse on his father Clair Miller by judge Mark O’Connor

6. Refused to correct judge Sumner Walters decision on Ann Miller’s wrongful death that connotes evil for covering up murder.

7. Denied a Habeas Corpus to free Clair Miller to free Clair from incarceration and chemical restraint  that killed him to steal the Miller's assets.

8. Denied a Writ of Prohibition against judge Ann Beck to stop judges from issuing unconstitutional warrants on people for court costs and throw out court records.     

9. Denied a Writ of Prohibition, Trespass and Mandamus against judge James Rapp from stealing the people’s property, pay criminals and operate an enterprise engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

All these cases were ruled with bias, prejudice and in collusion to protect the agents of the corporate enterprise. They violate the Laws of our State and Country.

Clair and Ann Miller had every legal document prepared and implemented to stop these heinous inhumane acts….

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Rosanna L. Miller              5/1/18

Judicial Deceit By Elizabeth Weaver, Former MI Supreme Court Justice Guest: David Schock, Co-author “Judicial Deceit

Transnational Organized Crime (FBI)

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