Tuesday, May 22, 2018

8 - Insurance Companies Conspiring with Judicial Branch

The following is an example of how insurance companies aid and abed the courts to steal OUR property and assets while they protect the criminals... Keep in mind YOUR inheritance is paying for these premiums to protect YOUR inheritance but in REALITY (like OZ behind the curtain) they are protecting the thieves to steal your assets. 
The premiums paid to Progressive were from accounts that belong to The Miller Living Trust (TRUST).  This is Progressive on 5/22/18 confirming they will NOT process a claim for the CONCEALED/EMBEZZLED 90K-176K Firebird. This way the insurance company protects the licensed and unlicensed criminals. While you listen open up the evidence below that was submitted to them so you can read along..... This is murder for profit and violates the Slayer Rule.  

The attachments are relatively in time sequence and underlined for ease of reading which include:
#3 The Firebird TITLED to Mom for 20 years. Nobody is going to tell me it belongs to someone else. A storage unit she opened a little over a year before her unsolved death to keep the Firebird while she sold it. Included are photos of the Firebird. I know James wanted this car. She was going to sell it. This storage unit contents was NEVER listed in Mom's probate estate and it should have been. This car should never have been re-titled to Dad's name after her death because it was considered "separate" property pursuant to the TRUST Laws and the title should have converted to the TRUST. This is in the TRUST laws. But Dad didn't have testamentary capacity when she died because of dementia and mentally impaired so he wouldn’t know. There is more than enough proof on this when you want to see it. Dad did what he was told by those who used him for profit. A third of this vehicle is part of my inheritance as it was Mom's property for 20 years. 

#4 Clearly atty Fansler has concealed/hid the 1969 Firebird from the inventories and the court. Fansler ordered a reissue title admitting the vehicle was in his possession and paid insurance on it with TRUST money and my inheritance. This clearly is fraud.  

#5 Interestingly judge Rapp's hired estate man French can't find the car now. But James testified in court when questioned by my attorney Greg Port on June 12, 2017 that he had a storage unit at Belle MeadowsFrench NEVER INVESTIGATED this and my motions for subpoenas have been denied by judge Rapp. Actually French's vehicle list isn't estate property it is TRUST property. The TRUST is the ONLY beneficiary of the estate.  

I filed Subpoenas to Belle Meadows after the judge denied them but BM's has refused to produce all the records only those James wants them to submit. The second Subpoena has been refiled. As stated by the insurance agent in the audio James has confessed to having possession of this Firebird but at no given time did attorney Fansler have the LEGAL right to give this to him
There is approximately $450,000.00 completely unaccounted for missing from the assets of this TRUST (see pg18 Ex D) and another $250,000.00 needlessly blown out which is really a serious situation. Who would believe this could happen while in court proceedings with "alleged" honorable ethical people??? You can guess who was involved. 
If I could find a half way decent attorney they would take this case he would be singing all the way to the bank. And in the process be able to take out quite a few BAD apples and put them away so they can't hurt anyone else.  
So in summary... insurance and storage fees for 9 years was paid to cover property with our inheritance to pay the suspect of Ann's death and the person who forced Clair to live in filth, hording, cat feces and exploited for 6 years. The insurance man told me the police were told to look away from these crimes because it is a CIVIL matter. This means they can look away while I was being kidnapped when I was advocating to save me Dad, look away while my Dad is being abused and drugged to death and most importantly look away and botch Mom's murder to let a criminal walk free. You have to wonder who else was involved and how much did they make off this deal?

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