Monday, June 18, 2018

10 - Enterprise engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity BYLAWS

This is the definition of an enterprise and corrupt activity. This is a GREAT explanation especially by attorney Heckman. Now someone please tell me how this is any different than the judicial branch that is operating in this country? Business Cards? Bar Association? Theft? Murder? What is different between these two enterprises? The judicial branch steals our Lives, Liberty and Property under the ruse of Color of Law by "PROTECTION under the CODE of SILENCE".

1. Law Enforcement is owned and controlled by the Judicial Branch so they won't charge for real crimes and know attorneys con artists who will lie to steal our money. 

2. The attorneys are owned and controlled by the Judicial Branch so they won't report misconduct or fight for our Constitutional rights. 

3. The Ohio Supreme Court is silent about attorneys smacking them in the face with misconduct when they are suppose to report illicit acts of immorality.  

4. Attorneys can lie in court and get away with it causing the elderly to be abused and exploited.  

5.  For-Profit Corporations (Banks) are controlled by the court... Complaints filed on 12/10/18 to the Comptroller of Currency Office

This is how far this damn criminal guardianship activity has carried on.....Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem in a DIVORCE CASE??? Yes I said DIVORCE CASE? What the HELL?

BREAKING NEWS and truly shocking results. The above Thomasson GAL divorce case Decided June 27, 2018. Here is the decision........
The conclusion is you have to be adjudicated "INCOMPETENT" to order someone with a Guardian Ad Litem... Which raises the question why was my Dad appointed GAL Howard Traul if he was not adjudicated incompetent yet even though Dad was? Thereafter Traul cleared out TRUST accounts, which he is NOT a party to and has no authority to do so. Then 2 1/2 years later Dad was adjudicated "competent" contrary to the clear and convincing evidence and he didn't even know they stripped out his TRUST accounts. My attorney should have challenged the appointment of GAL Traul since Dad was not adjudicated incompetent. Why didn't he do that? Why didn't he know that? 

Every attorney and persons in guardianships should read this.........It defines when a GAL can be appointed and they referred to other states to draw on that. 

Transnational Organized Crime (FBI)

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