Tuesday, June 19, 2018

11 - Representatives Noticed of Judicial Murder and Theft with Evidence

Rosanna Miller
10469 Westfall Rd.
Amanda, Oh. 43102

June 18, 2018

Ohio Representative Ron Hood
77 S. High St., 12th Flr
Columbus, OH 43215

Re: Demurrers and egregious violations against the Constitutions and Statutes by the Judicial Branch

Dear Representatives State and Federal, State and Federal Agencies, 

I am writing you under the United States and Ohio Constitution right to freedom of speech and redress “allegedly” without retaliation or a SLAPP back. However there is no such thing and judges can do whatever they damn well want and the cases we have suffered prove that to be true. They have absolutely no fear of punishment for lying on the record to cause injury to the people. When a judge can tell me I am “unsuitable” to be appointed as my father’s executor pursuant to Dad’s INTENT in his Last Will and Testament after a pool of retired judges left my Dad in filth, hording, cat shit, and exploited for 6 years then abducted and chemically restrained for the last 3 years of his life1 there after turn around and pay the suspect of my Mom’s death with her property you have the worst kind of tyranny a society can operate under.  

I filed Affidavit of Disqualifications on Judge Rapp and Judge Goslee and their answers are in Ex D & F. You cannot expect the judiciary to police their selves especially when their hands are in the cash box.     

Enclosed you will find the following:

1. Ex A 3 pgs- A copy of your response to my letter inquiring about Demurrers and whether they are still up and operating. You respectfully answered me back and assured me they are healthy and alive. On June 12th 2018 Judge William Goslee is the third judge to inform me you are wrong and they have been abolished or removed. I need to know who is in error. The Constitutions clearly outlines the legislative branch makes the Laws however it has become apparent to many of us across the country for years now the 3rd branch has hijacked the first branch and they are operating outside the Laws. Due to this paradoxical state of our alleged Republican government my Demurrer/Strike/Sham is soon to be dismissed because they can make/remove/change law.

2. Ex B 12 pgs - My Demurrer/Strike/Sham needs answered as to why our rights under the Constitutions have been refused to us and now they are using these rights to sue me.

3. Ex C 6 pgs – These rights are being used to accuse me of vexatious behavior when the 5 cases listed in the government’s vexatious case against me are clearly our rights of remedy relief and redress in the courts. Murder and theft are the most serious of all crimes and should be prosecuted but instead people are walking free under the protection of the Code of Silence. We have a right to a jury to decide these matters but are continually being refused them.       

4. Ex D 4 pgs - Judge James Rapp confessed to putting my Dad on hospice without a terminal illness under the protection of O.R.C. 2111.50 on behalf of a for profit corporation assisted living home that hastened Dad’s death without full knowledge or investigating the true aspects of his medical care (see Ex B Kathy's Objection) Did the General Assembly intend for judges to use this to kill us? Because they are…..This is totally unsuitable, irresponsible and negligent. For SIX years we notified the court agents of Dad's abuse and they refused to stop it. For Dad's next THREE years we begged them to stop the psycho drugging and they refused. They didn't care about 2111.50 to save him. But when the Campbell Place wants him dead the judges are all EARS.....
Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has authorized Rapp to simultaneously adjudicate two separate jurisdictional courts, probate and civil which is double dipping, to protect himself and others for the abuse on my Dad and the fiduciary damage they have committed on my parents Trust. Many years back Judge Goslee explained to me you can’t merge these cases together as they operate under separate Ohio Laws. On June 12, 2017 Attorney Greg Port asked Judge Rapp if he was going to report James Miller who testified under oath he vandalized the Trust property but Rapp refused to report the crime. What judge would behave so irresponsibility to cover up crimes or protect a criminal? Yes they do control Law Enforcement to “look away”. Progressive Insurance Investigator Mr. Soppe knows this after investigating the missing 1969 Classic Collectors Firebird worth $90,000.00 - $176,000.00 the judiciary criminals have concealed to give to James.    

5. Ex E 1 pg - The Miller Living Trust was prepared pursuant to the ORC 58 series of Ohio Trust Laws. The Power of Attorneys under the Uniform Commercial Code and all other legal documents including Wills pursuant to the Statutes that govern them. Yet every document was desecrated on by judges assigned to these cases and used as toilet paper. Had these legal documents been honored the egregious theft of our assets, crimes to my parents and me could never have been committed. Someone lied to my parents and I about these documents and I want them held accountable. 

6. Ex F 5 pgs - Law Enforcement and Prosecutors knew about my Dad’s disabilities and that he needed accommodations to handle his Major Life Activities but looked away so they could access our assets. This money didn’t just disappear on its own. These are all Mandatory Reporters by Law. They not only refused their duties to charge the offenders but refused to invite in the higher levels of agencies that could have investigated and prosecuted.  Their first duty is to protect the courts and government not the people.  Ironically judge Goslee says he did not recuse himself on 09/05/17 but he didn't even come to his own scheduling hearing so how would he know what was said? Ms. Kennedy started off the meeting asking if we wanted Goslee to stay on the case since he has history "in the files".  The word games these people play will never render truth, facts or justice.

It is not unauthorized practice of law or usurpation over a judicial branch to investigate how the 3rd branch has gone rogue. The people have a right to know what Laws are in existence and legally in working operation. We have a right to know why the judicial branch does not “COMPLY WITH THE LAWS”. We need representatives representing us not the judicial or the executive (who is in the hip pocket of the judicial while we pay their salaries from taxes).

Please don’t recommend I get legal counsel. I have provided you with enough evidence that proves everybody knows there is no counsel for us given attorneys are concerned about their bar license above their clients and it is all about the money as in exhibit F. This is criminal not civil. There is no oversight over the judicial branch. Self-serving policing never works. 

I need confirmation that Demurrers are still law as soon as possible because my life lays in the hands of the brut squads the same way my parents lives ended up, murdered for their assets. I also am asking you to instigate an investigation into this farce of injustice immediately. This could not happen if the checks and balance were operating properly. Please contact me as soon as possible.


Rosanna L. Miller

Guardianship: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver PRICELESS…..

Cc by email to:

Reps John Becker, Ron Young, Matt Lynch, Andy Thompson, Cleveland Right to Life, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, NASGA, Probate Sharks, AAAPG, PPJ Gazette, JAM, and multiple organizations to stop the elder holocaust in corrupt probate courts across the country and media stations


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