Tuesday, June 19, 2018

11 - Representatives Noticed of Judicial Murder and Theft with Evidence

Rosanna Miller
10469 Westfall Rd.
Amanda, Oh. 43102

June 18, 2018

Ohio Representative Ron Hood
77 S. High St., 12th Flr
Columbus, OH 43215

Re: Demurrers and egregious violations against the Constitutions and Statutes by the Judicial Branch

Dear Representatives State and Federal, State and Federal Agencies, 

I am writing you under the United States and Ohio Constitution right to freedom of speech and redress “allegedly” without retaliation or a SLAPP back. However there is no such thing and judges can do whatever they damn well want and the cases we have suffered prove that to be true. They have absolutely no fear of punishment for lying on the record to cause injury to the people. When a judge can tell me I am “unsuitable” to be appointed as my father’s executor pursuant to Dad’s INTENT in his Last Will and Testament after a pool of retired judges left my Dad in filth, hording, cat shit, and exploited for 6 years then abducted and chemically restrained for the last 3 years of his life1 there after turn around and pay the suspect of my Mom’s death with her property you have the worst kind of tyranny a society can operate under.  

I filed Affidavit of Disqualifications on Judge Rapp and Judge Goslee and their answers are in Ex D & F. You cannot expect the judiciary to police their selves especially when their hands are in the cash box.     

Enclosed you will find the following:

1. Ex A 3 pgs- A copy of your response to my letter inquiring about Demurrers and whether they are still up and operating. You respectfully answered me back and assured me they are healthy and alive. On June 12th 2018 Judge William Goslee is the third judge to inform me you are wrong and they have been abolished or removed. I need to know who is in error. The Constitutions clearly outlines the legislative branch makes the Laws however it has become apparent to many of us across the country for years now the 3rd branch has hijacked the first branch and they are operating outside the Laws. Due to this paradoxical state of our alleged Republican government my Demurrer/Strike/Sham is soon to be dismissed because they can make/remove/change law.

2. Ex B 12 pgs - My Demurrer/Strike/Sham needs answered as to why our rights under the Constitutions have been refused to us and now they are using these rights to sue me.

3. Ex C 6 pgs – These rights are being used to accuse me of vexatious behavior when the 5 cases listed in the government’s vexatious case against me are clearly our rights of remedy relief and redress in the courts. Murder and theft are the most serious of all crimes and should be prosecuted but instead people are walking free under the protection of the Code of Silence. We have a right to a jury to decide these matters but are continually being refused them.       

4. Ex D 4 pgs - Judge James Rapp confessed to putting my Dad on hospice without a terminal illness under the protection of O.R.C. 2111.50 on behalf of a for profit corporation assisted living home that hastened Dad’s death without full knowledge or investigating the true aspects of his medical care (see Ex B Kathy's Objection) Did the General Assembly intend for judges to use this to kill us? Because they are…..This is totally unsuitable, irresponsible and negligent. For SIX years we notified the court agents of Dad's abuse and they refused to stop it. For Dad's next THREE years we begged them to stop the psycho drugging and they refused. They didn't care about 2111.50 to save him. But when the Campbell Place wants him dead the judges are all EARS.....
Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has authorized Rapp to simultaneously adjudicate two separate jurisdictional courts, probate and civil which is double dipping, to protect himself and others for the abuse on my Dad and the fiduciary damage they have committed on my parents Trust. Many years back Judge Goslee explained to me you can’t merge these cases together as they operate under separate Ohio Laws. On June 12, 2017 Attorney Greg Port asked Judge Rapp if he was going to report James Miller who testified under oath he vandalized the Trust property but Rapp refused to report the crime. What judge would behave so irresponsibility to cover up crimes or protect a criminal? Yes they do control Law Enforcement to “look away”. Progressive Insurance Investigator Mr. Soppe knows this after investigating the missing 1969 Classic Collectors Firebird worth $90,000.00 - $176,000.00 the judiciary criminals have concealed to give to James.    

5. Ex E 1 pg - The Miller Living Trust was prepared pursuant to the ORC 58 series of Ohio Trust Laws. The Power of Attorneys under the Uniform Commercial Code and all other legal documents including Wills pursuant to the Statutes that govern them. Yet every document was desecrated on by judges assigned to these cases and used as toilet paper. Had these legal documents been honored the egregious theft of our assets, crimes to my parents and me could never have been committed. Someone lied to my parents and I about these documents and I want them held accountable. 

6. Ex F 5 pgs - Law Enforcement and Prosecutors knew about my Dad’s disabilities and that he needed accommodations to handle his Major Life Activities but looked away so they could access our assets. This money didn’t just disappear on its own. These are all Mandatory Reporters by Law. They not only refused their duties to charge the offenders but refused to invite in the higher levels of agencies that could have investigated and prosecuted.  Their first duty is to protect the courts and government not the people.  Ironically judge Goslee says he did not recuse himself on 09/05/17 but he didn't even come to his own scheduling hearing so how would he know what was said? Ms. Kennedy started off the meeting asking if we wanted Goslee to stay on the case since he has history "in the files".  The word games these people play will never render truth, facts or justice.

It is not unauthorized practice of law or usurpation over a judicial branch to investigate how the 3rd branch has gone rogue. The people have a right to know what Laws are in existence and legally in working operation. We have a right to know why the judicial branch does not “COMPLY WITH THE LAWS”. We need representatives representing us not the judicial or the executive (who is in the hip pocket of the judicial while we pay their salaries from taxes).

Please don’t recommend I get legal counsel. I have provided you with enough evidence that proves everybody knows there is no counsel for us given attorneys are concerned about their bar license above their clients and it is all about the money as in exhibit F. This is criminal not civil. There is no oversight over the judicial branch. Self-serving policing never works. 

I need confirmation that Demurrers are still law as soon as possible because my life lays in the hands of the brut squads the same way my parents lives ended up, murdered for their assets. I also am asking you to instigate an investigation into this farce of injustice immediately. This could not happen if the checks and balance were operating properly. Please contact me as soon as possible.


Rosanna L. Miller

Guardianship: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver PRICELESS…..

Cc by email to:

Reps John Becker, Ron Young, Matt Lynch, Andy Thompson, Cleveland Right to Life, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, NASGA, Probate Sharks, AAAPG, PPJ Gazette, JAM, and multiple organizations to stop the elder holocaust in corrupt probate courts across the country and media stations


Monday, June 18, 2018

10 - Enterprise engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity BYLAWS

This is the definition of an enterprise and corrupt activity. This is a GREAT explanation especially by attorney Heckman. Now someone please tell me how this is any different than the judicial branch that is operating in this country? Business Cards? Bar Association? Theft? Murder? What is different between these two enterprises? The judicial branch steals our Lives, Liberty and Property under the ruse of Color of Law by "PROTECTION under the CODE of SILENCE".

1. Law Enforcement is owned and controlled by the Judicial Branch so they won't charge for real crimes and know attorneys con artists who will lie to steal our money. 

2. The attorneys are owned and controlled by the Judicial Branch so they won't report misconduct or fight for our Constitutional rights. 

3. The Ohio Supreme Court is silent about attorneys smacking them in the face with misconduct when they are suppose to report illicit acts of immorality.  

4. Attorneys can lie in court and get away with it causing the elderly to be abused and exploited.  

5.  For-Profit Corporations (Banks) are controlled by the court... Complaints filed on 12/10/18 to the Comptroller of Currency Office

This is how far this damn criminal guardianship activity has carried on.....Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem in a DIVORCE CASE??? Yes I said DIVORCE CASE? What the HELL?



BREAKING NEWS and truly shocking results. The above Thomasson GAL divorce case Decided June 27, 2018. Here is the decision........ https://supremecourt.ohio.gov/rod/docs/pdf/0/2018/2018-ohio-2417.pdf
The conclusion is you have to be adjudicated "INCOMPETENT" to order someone with a Guardian Ad Litem... Which raises the question why was my Dad appointed GAL Howard Traul if he was not adjudicated incompetent yet even though Dad was? Thereafter Traul cleared out TRUST accounts, which he is NOT a party to and has no authority to do so. Then 2 1/2 years later Dad was adjudicated "competent" contrary to the clear and convincing evidence and he didn't even know they stripped out his TRUST accounts. My attorney should have challenged the appointment of GAL Traul since Dad was not adjudicated incompetent. Why didn't he do that? Why didn't he know that? 

Every attorney and persons in guardianships should read this.........It defines when a GAL can be appointed and they referred to other states to draw on that. 

Transnational Organized Crime (FBI)

9 - Prosecutor and Ohio Attorney General REFUSE to criminally charge Elder Abuse and Exploitation

On October 22, 2013 this letter with notarized complaints and exhibits were filed to the Logan County prosecutor who refused to investigate or pursue criminal charges. Had these complaints been taken seriously Clair would not have been abducted and chemically restrained on psycho drugs to his death nor robbed.

Thereafter they were forwarded to the Ohio Attorney General's office who refused to investigate even when the county is protecting their own under the code of silence. What gives the state the right to cover up criminal activity? Prosecutors knew an incompetent elderly disabled man was being abused and it was their duty to protect and criminally charge the abusers for their crimes even if those criminals are government agents.  

I find it criminal that everything in these complaints have come to pass and indeed proven to be true. Yet no one is being held accountable or charged and they are running loose to hurt the next person.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

8 - Insurance Companies Conspiring with Judicial Branch

The following is an example of how insurance companies aid and abed the courts to steal OUR property and assets while they protect the criminals... Keep in mind YOUR inheritance is paying for these premiums to protect YOUR inheritance but in REALITY (like OZ behind the curtain) they are protecting the thieves to steal your assets. 
The premiums paid to Progressive were from accounts that belong to The Miller Living Trust (TRUST).  This is Progressive on 5/22/18 confirming they will NOT process a claim for the CONCEALED/EMBEZZLED 90K-176K Firebird. This way the insurance company protects the licensed and unlicensed criminals. While you listen open up the evidence below that was submitted to them so you can read along..... This is murder for profit and violates the Slayer Rule.  

The attachments are relatively in time sequence and underlined for ease of reading which include:
#3 The Firebird TITLED to Mom for 20 years. Nobody is going to tell me it belongs to someone else. A storage unit she opened a little over a year before her unsolved death to keep the Firebird while she sold it. Included are photos of the Firebird. I know James wanted this car. She was going to sell it. This storage unit contents was NEVER listed in Mom's probate estate and it should have been. This car should never have been re-titled to Dad's name after her death because it was considered "separate" property pursuant to the TRUST Laws and the title should have converted to the TRUST. This is in the TRUST laws. But Dad didn't have testamentary capacity when she died because of dementia and mentally impaired so he wouldn’t know. There is more than enough proof on this when you want to see it. Dad did what he was told by those who used him for profit. A third of this vehicle is part of my inheritance as it was Mom's property for 20 years. 

#4 Clearly atty Fansler has concealed/hid the 1969 Firebird from the inventories and the court. Fansler ordered a reissue title admitting the vehicle was in his possession and paid insurance on it with TRUST money and my inheritance. This clearly is fraud.  

#5 Interestingly judge Rapp's hired estate man French can't find the car now. But James testified in court when questioned by my attorney Greg Port on June 12, 2017 that he had a storage unit at Belle MeadowsFrench NEVER INVESTIGATED this and my motions for subpoenas have been denied by judge Rapp. Actually French's vehicle list isn't estate property it is TRUST property. The TRUST is the ONLY beneficiary of the estate.  

I filed Subpoenas to Belle Meadows after the judge denied them but BM's has refused to produce all the records only those James wants them to submit. The second Subpoena has been refiled. As stated by the insurance agent in the audio James has confessed to having possession of this Firebird but at no given time did attorney Fansler have the LEGAL right to give this to him
There is approximately $450,000.00 completely unaccounted for missing from the assets of this TRUST (see pg18 Ex D) and another $250,000.00 needlessly blown out which is really a serious situation. Who would believe this could happen while in court proceedings with "alleged" honorable ethical people??? You can guess who was involved. 
If I could find a half way decent attorney they would take this case he would be singing all the way to the bank. And in the process be able to take out quite a few BAD apples and put them away so they can't hurt anyone else.  
So in summary... insurance and storage fees for 9 years was paid to cover property with our inheritance to pay the suspect of Ann's death and the person who forced Clair to live in filth, hording, cat feces and exploited for 6 years. The insurance man told me the police were told to look away from these crimes because it is a CIVIL matter. This means they can look away while I was being kidnapped when I was advocating to save me Dad, look away while my Dad is being abused and drugged to death and most importantly look away and botch Mom's murder to let a criminal walk free. You have to wonder who else was involved and how much did they make off this deal?

Friday, May 11, 2018

7 - Ohio Supreme Court cases, Affidavits of Disqualifications and Grievances

Attempts made to the District Appeals and Ohio Supreme Court to prevent Elder Abuse, death by Chemical Restraint, Exploitation on Clair Miller and get justice for Ann Miller’s murder all to no avail. This is the criminal acts of what the Supreme Court approves.
1. Writ of Mandamus filed against judge Michael Brady granted to release Public Records proves judges refuse to comply with the laws and are bias, prejudice and collude with one another.

2. Writ of Procedendo filed against judge Michael Brady for refusing to make a decision in Clair Miller’s guardianship and Ann Miller’s estate that condoned elder abuse and exploitation.

3. Refused to correct judge Michael Brady’s decision on Clair Miller’s guardianship that approved disabled mentally impaired Clair to live in filth, hording, cat shit and exploited of ¾ million dollars.

5. Applauded James Miller for elder abuse on his father Clair Miller by judge Mark O’Connor

6. Refused to correct judge Sumner Walters decision on Ann Miller’s wrongful death that connotes evil for covering up murder.

7. Denied a Habeas Corpus to free Clair Miller to free Clair from incarceration and chemical restraint  that killed him to steal the Miller's assets.

8. Denied a Writ of Prohibition against judge Ann Beck to stop judges from issuing unconstitutional warrants on people for court costs and throw out court records.     

9. Denied a Writ of Prohibition, Trespass and Mandamus against judge James Rapp from stealing the people’s property, pay criminals and operate an enterprise engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

All these cases were ruled with bias, prejudice and in collusion to protect the agents of the corporate enterprise. They violate the Laws of our State and Country.

Clair and Ann Miller had every legal document prepared and implemented to stop these heinous inhumane acts….

All Rights Reserved
Rosanna L. Miller              5/1/18


Judicial Deceit By Elizabeth Weaver, Former MI Supreme Court Justice Guest: David Schock, Co-author “Judicial Deceit

Transnational Organized Crime (FBI)

6 - Civil Forfeiture and Police Reports

Victim Affidavit

State of _____Ohio_____________)
                                                          ) SS:
County of ___Fairfield__________)

Complainant and affiant being duly sworn states that Bruce Comly French and his accomplices in Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio on or about February 9, 2018 did knowingly trespass and vandalize The Miller Living Trust personal property at 1294Campbell Drive Bellefontaine Ohio pursuant to ORC 2911.21 and 2909.05. The Trust pays the property taxes for all Public Entities services to protect and serve the Trust. This was a search and seizure violating the Bill of Rights 4th amendment and U.S. Constitution Article III standing. Defendants did break in and enter damaging property without permission of the owner or an authorized warrant.

This complaint correlates with the following previous offenses filed in these Public Entity Departments:
2006000003592 PD - Domestic Violence by James Miller on Ann Miller at 1294 Campbell Dr 10/30/2006
2012000002701 PD - James Miller charged with abuse on Clair Miller 1294 Campbell Dr. 09/10/2012
2013000000848 PD - Steven Fansler throwing away property from 1294 Campbell Dr 04/05/2013
2015000003225 PD - ClairMiller’s psychotropic drug induced death on 11/19/20152
2016-22622 LCS – Clair and Ann Miller’s grave theft 06/17/2016
161870 FD - removed an installedMilitary Booby Trap assisted by Bomb Squad 09/15/2016
2017000001274 PD - JamesMiller vandalism and theft at 1294 Campbell Dr 05/29/20171

1 Supplemented on July 12/29/2015 USPS#7014-0510-0000-8277-0734 and 07/12/2016USPS#7015-0640-0001-4368-5433 and again reported by phone on 11/12/2016 (insurance covered some damages)

All Rights Reserved

Further, affiant sayeth naught.

Rosanna L. Miller________________ ___3/9/18_____________
Rosanna L. Miller                                           date

Before me, a Notary Public, in and for said county and state, personally appeared the above named affiant who acknowledged that she did sign the foregoing instrument sworn to before God to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and that the same is her free act and deed. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and official seal, this 9th day of March, 2018.
                                                                                                       _____Linda Holcomb_____
                                                                                                                   Notary Public

For further details go to corresponding category sections

5 - Clair's death for profit

May 12, 2014 Incarcerated at the Campbell Place but alive

Dad Chemically Restrained on Psychotropic Drugs to his death on 11/19/15
(scroll down to 8/18/15 interview with Rosanna Miller 1 1/2 hr)


I want to know and have a right to know the following:
1. Why was Clair denied the SERVICES, PROGRAMS and ACTIVITIES in his Health Care Power of Attorney that he paid for?
2. Why was Clair held against his will in the assisted living facility violating his HCPOA? 
3. Why wasn't Clair treated for the Dementia he did have?
4. Why was Clair diagnosed with Bi-polar at the age of 83 then ordered on Zyprexa?

5. Why was Clair chemically restrained to death on psychotropic drugs for a mental illness he did not have?
6. Why did judge Rapp order Clair on Hospice without a terminal illness from a ex-parte email request by a for profit corporation assisted living facility?
7. Why didn't Clair have Morphine and Opiates in his system at death when he was forced on Hospice?
8. Why was the Federal Medicare/Hospice Morphine contract violated?
9. Why was Kathy removed as Clair's guardian for discontinuing the Morphine if he didn't need it? 
10. Why did Clair have Cyanide and Valium in his system at death?
11. Why did the Death Certificate say Clair died of Failure to Thrive when his true Cause of Death was Bacterial/Fungal Pneumonia?
12. Why is over $500,000.00 pilfered out of the assets without any accounting?
13. Why didn't Prosecutor William Goslee call the Ohio Attorney General to accommodate Clair when Goslee knew Clair was disabled and could not handle his Major Life Activities while Clair was being abused and exploited?
14. Why was Rosanna's wrongful death suit for Clair dismissed by Judge William Goslee that protected his cooperatives?
15. Why didn't any of these government officials reach out to accommodate disabled Clair?
16. Why did they refuse Rosanna to associate with her father Clair to accommodate him with his Major Life Activities?

The court agents will not answer and they deny any accountability, ethics or integrity for these crimes.

What is going to protect me, you or anybody from these Nazi imitators that are running our courts to do this same thing to us?

If Law Enforcement is owned by the Court system and told to stay out and not investigate elder abuse, vandalism and theft then they can cover up trespass and murder. This is the same thing Hitler told the Jews "Come with us we will take care of you. You are going to a good place".

Scroll down to 3 audio recordings explaining how the court enterprise engage in a pattern of corrupt activity.