Monday, February 10, 2014

2 - Human Trafficking and Genocide by Guardians

The largest Elder and Disabled Abusers are not from Family and Friends but from the government that is supposed to serve the people.

What happened to Clair, Ann and Rosanna are 150% the fault of the agencies who did NOT do their jobs and violated every Statute and Constitutional Law that was on the books. The fact that Ann has no justice for her death, Clair was abused for six years and their estate exploited approx. $750,000 proves and MANDATES they need to be indicted for the crimes they knowingly committed. Yet these bloodless, unconscionable morlock's show no remorse for the harm they commit on "the people". We need to take back our country, criminally charge these criminals and stand before the Common Law Grand Juries. It is our only hope.

The following are a few links from other abductions and crimes committed by the judicial branch with the aid and assistance of the executive and legislative branches. To all those who have not had the pleasure of living under oppression from the government your time is just around the corner........


Why can't there be more people like this???
The Untouchables: America's Misbehaving Prosecutors, And The System That Protects Them
UNITED STATES v. WILLIAMS  (juries and control by prosecutors)
EXILE by Janet Phelan (check it out)
"What is the MENTAL HEALTH ACT? Trust me this is NOT about a gov't who cares for someone's safety, it is about how much the government can steal from the FAMILIES ESTATE!!!!! If you think they care you haven't been paying attention"... Rosanna Miller, Ohio  
"After what my family member experienced, the corruption within this system is never ending.  It is a system that takes our most vulnerable and sends them to the chambers of the living dead. Please keep up with the investigations and expose the groups, individuals and others who prey on the helpless.  It is a type of war that is similar to the atrocities that occurred during our world wars - no different, just a different stage". Carol Prater Findlay, Ohio 2/15/14......... 

"Killing the old people to steal their estates is what they do best. It is property theft by elder genocide. Anybody who tries to stop this will be terrorized"........ Rosanna Miller
for more story on legalized theft in office....


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