Friday, February 28, 2014

4 - APS aids and abets elder Abuse on Clair

This is the incompetency of Logan County Job and Family Services Adult Protective Service Marshall Pierson. His door has been knocked on so many times nobody can count. His job isn't to help the elderly but to help Michael Brady abuse and exploit elders estates. Pierson should lose his job, benefits and serve jail time for aiding and abetting elder abuse and exploitation. This is inexcusable from anybody who claims to be a human being let alone paid by tax dollars that he looked away from the abuse that happened to this elderly man and kept quiet. 
How does Pierson PERFECTLY described the events that happened to Clair right under his nose and was alerted to over and over again and did nothing?

Hording, Abuse, Filth, Feces, Stink, Stink, Stink......(BTW that is cat shit in those photos and nobody can pass on that smell)

Financial Exploitation of Clair. So the police department, under the Mayor, called Pierson when they all know he is aiding the criminal acts of the legal system.

Pierson is standing outside the house with the depravity the property fell into and he can't see something is wrong?
Pierson knows Clair was diagnosed mentally impaired with dementia and can't be used as a witness for testimony in his wife's murder case 7 years prior.

They wait till the money has been thrown out the window to the legalized thieves, then the police take him out.... If this doesn't smell collusion nothing will.

Adult Protective Services is a waste of our money and should be eliminated immediately

It's worth mentioning Pierson claims to be a preacher in a church, which is a stumbling block to someone who doesn't know the true God. Although he might admit to follow Lucifer.

This is still under construction and being completed. More disclosure to follow.

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