Friday, February 21, 2014

3 - Ann's death for profit

Something is desperately wrong in our society when murder is justified on a fine moral woman with integrity while scum and evil run rampant in our government.

Why didn't the authorities complete all forensic testing possible for Ann Miller?
Why didn't they create a scene reenactment like Dr. Ross did for Jewel Schirmer's murder(3 min video) How did Ann get vertical injuries on her body from "alleged" horizontal hits? The reenactment proves this is not possible.  
(full episode, counter up to 20:00-30:00 for forensic reenactment on stairs) or
Same story different location 

Here is a neck explanation of chokehold evidence from Dr. Ross in Jan Roseboro's murder. (counter to 11:00) 
Here is another site location in Jan Roseboro's murder 

Why did the Bellefontaine Police DROP THE BALL in the investigation for Ann's death?
Why won't the Organized Criminal Cabal answer these questions about Ann's slaughtered investigation?
Why won't the Mayor order a Internal Investigation as requested by law?
Why didn't the Coroner scrap her nails,? --- when they were bagged?

We have equal rights to justice if we live in America. If "ANN CAN'T BREATH" why should anybody else?

Why did the judicial and executive branch work together that cheated Ann's investigation and abuse her husband Clair then plundered the estate?

"48 Hours:" Utah teen believes father killed mother
open video in story

Gov signs bill to remove kids from murder suspects

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